New Index Ranks State Efforts to Alleviate Youth Homelessness

The research findings suggest it’s an area where many states have room for improvement.

Texas Cities Face Difficulties Counting Their Unsheltered Homeless Population—At a Time When Their Numbers Matter Most

Despite changes to the regular count of people experiencing homelessness, support organizations are hoping they’ll still be able to capture a clear picture of who is unhoused in Texas as the pandemic continues.

One-Month Eviction Moratorium, $25 Billion in Rental Aid in Covid Bill

Housing advocates applauded the inclusion of the emergency rental assistance and eviction moratorium extension in the federal relief package, but said the incoming Biden administration will have to do more.

The High Cost of a Looming Eviction Wave

With millions of people behind on rent, there could be a lot of evictions this winter. A new report suggests the cost of these evictions on the social safety net could be astronomical.

Homeless Shelters Grapple With Covid Safety as Cold Creeps In

The coronavirus has forced shelters to limit the number of beds they can offer.

Cities Sued for Sweeping Homeless Encampments During the Pandemic

Advocacy groups filed lawsuits against Minneapolis and Denver this month over clear outs of homeless encampments, saying the enforcement during a pandemic is cruel and counterproductive.

Hard Lives Made Harder by COVID: Homeless Endure a ‘Slow-Moving Train Wreck’

This was supposed to be the year California finally did something about its homelessness epidemic. COVID-19 upended that promise.

Higher Rents Associated with Increase in Homelessness, Federal Watchdog Finds

The Government Accountability Office report comes amid concerns about evictions, as the coronavirus outbreak takes a financial toll on many Americans.

As Bans Expire, Eviction Filings Rise

New research sheds light on the trend. Experts have warned that renters are headed towards an “eviction cliff” as the coronavirus crisis wears on and safety net measures end.

Against CDC Guidance, Some Cities Sweep Homeless Encampments

Clearing encampments can cause people to disperse throughout the community, which increases the potential for disease spread.

The Grassroots Creation of a Hand-Washing Infrastructure for the Homeless

COMMENTARY | A community effort is building hand-washing stations for the homeless population in Los Angeles.

Some Shelters Shutter to Protect Homeless, Staff

Homeless shelters are running out of money, supplies and staff.

One City Is Paying Restaurants to Make Meals for Homeless Shelters

The initiative in Cambridge, Massachusetts serves two purposes: ensuring homeless people have meals and keeping local restaurants afloat during the pandemic.

States and Cities Turn to Empty Hotel Rooms to House Homeless and People Ill With Coronavirus

Hotel rooms left vacant as people stopped traveling because of the coronavirus could be used to house mildly ill patients and homeless people currently living outside or in shelters.

Cities Rush to Respond as Homelessness and Coronavirus Collide

Homeless people are particularly vulnerable to Covid-19. Cities are working to implement protective measures, often with no idea how they'll pay for it.

In a First, Seattle City Council Moves to Ban Winter Evictions

If the measure is signed by Mayor Jenny Durkan, the city would prohibit evictions of low- and moderate-income renters during the coldest months.

California Plan to Reduce Homelessness Forces Cities, Counties to Step Up

A proposal by the governor’s Council of Regional Homeless Advisors would mandate that cities, counties and the state reduce homelessness or be vulnerable to court action.

Homeless Californians Adapt to Camp Sweeps and 'The Caltrans Shuffle’

Every other week, people living on state land near a freeway must pack up for a California Department of Transportation cleaning, which can often result in losing crucial belongings.

Fecal Bacteria In California’s Waterways Increases With Homeless Crisis

As homeless people in California are often making due without access to basic facilities like toilets, there are elevated levels of fecal bacteria in some of the state's prized waterways. It's set off a battle with the Trump administration.

After a Man Died, Texas' Governor Blamed Austin's Homeless Policies. The Mayor Called It Demonizing.

Since Austin rolled back three ordinances that prohibited people who are homeless from camping or congregating, Gov. Greg Abbott and city leaders have been at odds about the issue.